Orange Bowl

Attend the second oldest bowl game in American Football
Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Orange Bowl Committee was created in 1935 with the mission of generating tourism for South Florida through an annual football game and supporting events. The non-profit, sports organization that promotes and serves the South Florida community has grown to 360 members since its inception. It has expanded beyond Greater Miami to become a cornerstone of the entire South Florida area.

The Committee is aided by approximately one thousand additional “Ambassadors,” community volunteers who make us, and our community, stronger.

The Orange Bowl brand helped put South Florida on the map and build the community into the popular tourist destination it remains today. While its primary mission for 80 years has been to bring tourism to South Florida through an annual football game and events, it has also maintained a legacy of charitable contributions and community outreach. 

The 2012-13 Orange Bowl Festival, including the 2013 BCS National Championship and the 79th Orange Bowl, generated a total of $298.1 million in new economic impact and media exposure value for South Florida, according to a study conducted by Conventions, Sports & Leisure International. The amount is nearly 50% more than the economic impact generated the last time the Orange Bowl double-hosted an Orange Bowl and BCS National Championship game in 2008-09.

The Orange Bowl has been helping South Florida become a better place for local business owners for years. Orange Bowl events and activities help drive local businesses and build a stronger South Florida economy.

Each year our bowl game and afilliated events attract tens of thousands of visitors who fuel the local economy with millions of dollars. This translates into jobs and benefits for local hospitality and service industries and vendors, in line with our mission of serving the South Florida community.

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